Fabric Softener Area


Cation Surfactant for Fabric Softener

Surfactant in which the cation part generated by
ionization in an aqueous solution exhibits surfactant activity.

Cosmetic Area


Cosmetics emollient

Emollients are substances with fat affinity that softens skin or hair as well as
produces gloss, including mineral oil. vegetable oil. ester oil, silicone oil, etc.

Industrial Lubricants Area


Fatty acid ester-Industrial lubricant

Even the well-finished surface of a friction part
between two objects has irregularities.

Rubber Area



It refers to a substance added so as to be equipped with properties as a
product such as improvement of processability by granting plasticity
(property where deformation is made easy by heating or force) to
polymer materials such as synthetic resin, etc.

Industrial Lubricants Area


Sorbitan ester,
PEG(Polyethyleneglycol) ester- Emulsifier

Emulsifier refers to a substance that makes 2 types of liquids not mixed together
(usually water and not mutually mixed organic liquid such as oil, etc.) to be uniformly mixed.
To be accurate, it is called surfactant, and generally defined to have a property to
be easily collected on interfaces and markedly change interfacial properties.

Industrial Lubricants Area


Wetting agent

Solbalon is a very excellent damp agent used for aqueous and
mineral dispersion liquid.