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Ester Quat Type Low Carbon Eco-friendly Product Using Natural Oil

Cation Surfactant for
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Hisofter MEQ

Ester Quat Type Low Carbon Eco-friendly Product Using Natural Oil

Hisofter EQ & IM

Typical products in the form of dialkyldimethylammonium sulfate and imidazoline

Hisofter 800

New high performance products for high concentration emulsification

What is cation surfactant?
Surfactant in which the cation part generated by ionization in an aqueous solution exhibits surface activity.
Reasons for using
cation surfactant?
Since the clothes are mostly made of chemical fibers, static electricity can be occurs due to friction on the surface of fiber. Fabric softeners are used to prevent this static electricity and improve softness feeling by neutralizing anionic fiber state with absorbing cationic surfactant. And it is also used for the purpose of disinfection with its sterilization function.
Advantages of a cation
Due to the advantages of having affinity to all types of fibers, cation surfactants are being used in diversified ways. Most of household softeners are easily dissolved in water and adsorbed to fibers so that good effects can be performed even with a small amount. Also, cation surfactants have good durability compared with other surfactants, and excellent soft feeling.They also have advantages where sterilization and disinfection actions are excellent due to powerful adsorption of bacteria and occurrence of static electricity is suppressed.
Household and industrial fabric softeners