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It is used as an oily ingredient for cosmetics because it makes feel good by giving flexibility to skin and hair.
It is a high-purity ester product that also functions as a softener for skin protection and product flexibility.

Cosmetics emollient
Skin protection


It is an emollient for cosmetics that has the function of preventing moisture evaporation and smoothing the surface of skin.


As an alternative to silicone emollients, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly and has low skin irritation.


Vegetable and vegetable-derived fatty acids and alcohol-based esters derived from natural oils, not synthetic chemicals.

What is Emollient?
Emollients are substances with fat affinity that softens skin or hair as well as produces gloss, including mineral oil. vegetable oil. ester oil, silicone oil, etc.Emollients can be used as a solvent for UV filter in cosmetics formulation or as a dispersion medium for oil, inorganic pigment and colorant.
Reasons for using
Emollient in cosmetics
Emollient helps maintenance of moisture by shutting off evaporation of water from the skin surface(epidermis). Also, it is frequently used in cosmetics formulation since it has the functions of softening skin and increasing gloss of skin surface.
Advantages of ester type emollient
Ester-type emollient has a structure similar to that of oil present in human body with eco-friend characteristics. And it has longer effective expiration period of the substance itself since it is not easily oxidized comparing with other oils, and it brings more competitive price.
Emollient can be used many cosmetics formulations such as skin care including lotion, cream, cleanser, etc. and make-up products including sun care, foundation, lipstick, etc. In particular, skin management by use of the emollient is essential for healthy skin to the people with skin troubles such as eczema or psoriasis.