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Anionic Wetting Penetrant of Sodium Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate with
High Surfactant Performance at Low Concentration

Wetting agent
Wide range
What is wetting agent?
Solbalon is a very excellent damp agent used for aqueous and mineral dispersion liquid. Solbalon is an emulsifier useful for water-in-oil emulsion as a key emulsifier or an auxiliary emulsifier being used for diversified emulsions and suspension polymerization. It can produce latex on a low level of cohesion, with a very small particle size and narrow distribution. Also, it reduces surface tension as an additive to improve characteristics of flow and flattening.
In diversified industry areas, it is used as a wetting agent for anti-dust agent, lubrication agent and cooling agent, degreasing, dry cleaning, glass cleaning liquid, etc. and is also used as leveling agent for extensive industry areas such as ink, paint, adhesive, fiber, paper, petroleum, rubber, metal, agriculture, mining, detergent mixing as well as dehydration supplement and release agent.